Giles "Super Fan" Pellerin

Giles Pellerin, 91, passed away November 21, 1998. Giles was legendary for his unconditional enthusiasm and support of the USC football team. Giles attended an unbelievable 797 consecutive games in person (home and away). The streak that began in 1926 (Giles' Sophomore year at USC) ended on that day in the Rose Bowl. The first game Pellerin ever attended was the 1923 Rose Bowl. The last USC game Giles missed was in 1925. Super Fan

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Giles will be sorely missed, but his spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of USC athletes and fans worldwide. Brother Oliver, 87, has seen 600 straight USC games and has not missed a game since 1945. Brother Max, 85, had a string of more than 300 interrupted when he was sent overseas for work.

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RIP Giles!

* The widely cited figures of $85,000 and 650,000 miles are from prior to the 1996 season (perhaps even earlier). The numbers stated above are simply approximations.

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